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Lori Elder

Board Member

Lori grew up in Del Mar, San Diego. Her Grandparents were long time residents of San Marcos, where her parents also reside. She now lives in San Marcos where she is an artist, and owner of Studio 5 Design. She has over 25 years experience as a metalsmith specializing in working with precious metals, all types of stones and mixed media.


One of her passions is getting involved with her community in some way that also incorporates supporting the arts and family fun. In every City she has lived, she has been involved with my community in some way by
organizing events, and volunteering for Chamber of Commerce and tourism boards.


She grew up with a grandfather who was a life long YMCA camp director and life long Rotarian, which is where the “Getting involved with her community gene” most likely came from! As she was growing up, the Boy’s and Girls Club was also a big part of her after school education from getting involved with sports to being a part of and leading youth groups.


In her spare time, Lori competes with my border collie Sadie in the dog sport of “Flyball”, a relay race for dogs, on the team “Coastal Express Flyball”, College studies included advertising design, marketing and the fine arts. 

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